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  • Certified as a Minority Owned Business Enterprise
  • Both Commercial as well as Legal Expertise
  • Public and Institutional Client Base

About Drohan Lee

Drohan Lee attorneys combine legal expertise in their respective practice areas with commercial experience on issues most relevant to our clients' business models. With a principal practice dating back to 1994, Drohan Lee's focus on selective merger and core partner stability over 20 years provides a professional culture of long term dedication to client growth and business goals. Our reputation is for maximizing the value efficiency of direct partner-level service.

The firm is counsel to numerous U.S. and international investment advisors, collective investment vehicles, securities, commodities and derivative brokers and counterparties, as well as institutional, family office, and high net worth investors. Among our clients are:

  • Public and private companies
  • Financial institutions
  • Investment funds
  • Government agencies
  • Individuals and Families

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